Friday, January 14, 2011


Don't know much about Miko Revereza except that he's now cool in my book for making this weird psychedelic warped-VHS-tape-style video for yuk.'s take on "Skin Fox" by Mane Mane. The remix is part of the "Skin Fox" Remix EP, a.k.a. seven reworkings of the song that made me fall for Mane Mane in the first place all squished together with the original in one tight buuundle.

This nice little FREE treat is a preview into the mind-splitting depths of Mane Mane's debut full-length release Mane2Mane, out Valentine's Day on Triple You Tapes.

Check out the video plus a couple other personal favorites, then download the entire EP.

Mane Mane - Skin Fox Remix EP

Mane Mane - Skin Fox - yuk. Remix from Leaving Records on Vimeo.

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