Wednesday, January 12, 2011


By the time you read this, Monster Rally's LP Coral will have been released yesterday. This is a huge deal for me because Monster Rally embodies everything I love, and everything I will love about my future life in an upscale 1970's suburban-ish home. It is perfect for my tiki-garden parties and is also perfect for afternoons I'll spend at my pristinely plain pool with an illegally installed diving board, drinking mojitos. It is perfect for my evenings spent lounging & laughing at my own jokes on chaises with fine wine AND(!) it is also perfect for snorting shit-tons of cocaine & rolling around on burnt sienna shag carpet (I imagine)! This is my future people, my future with Monster Rally. Monster Rally has no idea how critical they are not only to my current lifestyle, but also to my impending future. So critical. Like, most days I wake up wondering where I was before I discovered Monster Rally. I'm usually like, "Oh, still listening to Hal Aloma & his Hawaiian Orchestra." But that's not the point. The point is Monster Rally was my favorite band of 2010. I think it's just one dude, not even sure if it's a band but like, it's so important to me. I hope you all buy the full-length. If not for the music, for the fact it's SEA-FOAM GREEN!!! Which is one of the closest colors to mint-teal, the best color of all time (for me).

Order the vinyl from Gold Robot now. Live the life, dude. Just give over to the leisure.

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