Sunday, September 12, 2010


This song takes me somewhere between the forest and the sea floor, a dream of tiny rising bubbles & falling orange leaves. Fluid & full, it's hard not to sink wholeheartedly into its reverie. I wish I could make some poetic & completely unpolitical Martha Rosler-ian photo-montage that would involve Meg Ryan as Pam Courson, dancing on those sand dunes, you know like right outta that Oliver Stone flick but then there would be a beautiful ocean and tons of trees. I hope you can picture that cause it's like DAMMMNNN. Mad poetic. I want that for my wall. Think I'm going to make it and open an Etsy shop. Yep, ahhhh, let me just scribble that in on my "Unactualized Drunk Aspirations" list.

Side note: Yo, "unactualized" may or may not be a word. I think it should qualify as a word but as a college dropout, I really don't have any authority on the matter. The issue is mostly problematic though because my computer doesn't recognize it as a word & does not recognize it, yet, it does have synonyms on which I feel constitutes "unactualized" as an actual word.

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