Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Last week I posted this reaction/primer to Dro Carey, sort of amazed at the bulk of material crammed in his tumblr. Since then I've spent a bit more time with certain pieces, increasingly wound up by his warped takes on Top 40 sugar and original mixes darker than city-lights will permit.

"Hungry Horse" is sort of a combination of the two, the foreground propelled by an unintelligible pitched-up vocal clip while deeper layers peel back to reveal corridors of shackles used to hold back the bass of some slobbering, grunting, asthma-breathing monster. If this beast was once the titular horse, it has since been transformed into something terrifying, some experimental gene-splicing gone wrong. It is forever hungry, ready to sniff out and devour everything and anything thrown its way - warriors, women, raw shanks, giant bones.

Dro Carey - Hungry Horse

Also check out the Dro Carey remix of Mane Mane's "Skin Fox" in 192 MP3 form.

(top image courtesy Marjorie Connolly)


Anonymous said...

When you going to release that Mane Mane DHunger mix? next month?

JeffGoldblumLife said...


Anonymous said...

Yall aint releasing shit without due permission.

Real Manes do Real Thanes.

Anonymous said...

Who are you to speak about permission?