Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Moptaco Dics, a.k.a. possibly the label with the best name ever, sent over Optic Nest's new LP Entertainment a few weeks ago. The record is riddled with terrifying synthesizer squelches and pounding drum machines. "Thirst" sounds like what the subway would sound like on Mars, while "Football" is on the lighter side, funky even.

Says the label:

"That LP will have global warming feel like a good hair day!"

Jam this in headphones late at night after surrounding yourself with metal. Not exactly sure how you can order this guy yet, but shoot Moptaco an email and ask cos it's not listed on their Discogs page and there's no way to add items to the Shopping Cart on their site.

EDIT: I'm an idiot, neglect most of the previous paragraph -- you can add items to the cart, nothing was ever wrong with it I just had a brain-melt from too much gut damm coffee. BUY THE RECORD.

Optic Nest - Thirst

Optic Nest - Football

(image via Google Search)

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