Tuesday, September 14, 2010


"dreaming is bliss. imagination is power. music is love. odd is our future."

"Im Influenced By Dope Dealers, Adolf Hitler, Dinosaurs, Books, Hamsters, DOORs And White People."

It's safe to say that the Odd Future dudes have been 'killing them all' over the past year or so, even though we here at FBUS hadn't caught a whiff until about a month ago. Guess that makes us "faggot ass dope boyz." This is #3 in a short series about listening to Odd Future.

I think Tyler, The Creator spits the realest, most brutal shit out of the whole Odd Future crew. It doesn't just sound real and feel real, it reeks of dissociative rage. Tyler's Bastard mixtape is the prime example, hitting on dark themes such as growing up fatherless and dealing with all that must go along with it, as well as kidnap, murder, girls, the demonic, coke and the long road to be taken seriously as a relatively young (age 18) rapper/producer/designer.

The mixtape acts like a therapy session, as Dr. TC (presumably a pitched-down Tyler) acts as a school psychiatrist trying to figure out why Tyler's been misbehaving. He immediately jumps into all the imagery listed above, using Dr. TC as someone to pry his mind open. He transitions from opening track "Bastard" into "Seven" with the following exchange:

Tyler: "I just want my father's email so I can tell him how much I fuckin hate him in detail"
Dr. TC: "Wow, um. So, Tyler. If you had the chance to tell him something, what would you tell him?"
Tyler: "I'd tell him to eat a dick quicker than Mexican sprint over borders"

Next is "Odd Toddlers," which sees Tyler deep pitched over a slowed "One Beer" alongside Casey Veggies. This might be the lightest fare on the whole mixtape, especially slotted up against devilish "French."

Now, for some reason this video doesn't include Hodgy Beats' verse and his voice is all screwed again (it isn't on the mixtape version...), but the video is a good example of an interesting shift in hip hop videos mentioned by Tumblin Erb, trading in "animated arm flailing energy" for "exaggerated side glances, raised brows and twitched blinks" (he actually used this video as an example).

However, "French" absolutely pales in comparison to his clip for "VCR," which I'm not even going to try to explain in words. Trust me on this one -- turn the lights off, put yer headphones on and click play:

Here's a few more highlights from Bastard:

Tyler, The Creator - Odd Toddlers (ft. Casey Veggies)
("I sold my soul to the devil for 30% off")

Tyler, The Creator - Blow
("all I really wana do is fuck and snort blow")

Tyler, The Creator - Parade
("my TV stays on Cartoon Network fuck that Twilight shit")

Tyler, The Creator - AssMilk (ft. Earl Sweatshirt)
("spit sick shit like my saliva got the rabies in it")


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