Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Here's the first cut to surface from matthewdavid's new full-length out January/February 2011 on Brainfeeder (you know, Flying Lotus dude's label). "Trivial Pursuit" rides some Far East pluckings before diving into bent sonic warped-mode, a mode md fans have come to expect. The track is a bit subtler than some of his more explosive tunes ("Trusss," "Desert Moon," "Fernwood Flash"), as it retreats back into Oriental twinklings to close the three and a half minutes, though the snaps haven't lost their crack and the bass grinds gritty as ever.

matthewdavid - Trivial Pursuit



matthewdavid - Trusss

matthewdavid - Desert Moon (from Friendship Bracelet Club Volume 4)

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