Wednesday, September 15, 2010


"Hope you like us. You should love us, actually."

It's safe to say that the Odd Future dudes have been 'killing them all' over the past year or so, even though we here at FBUS hadn't caught a whiff until about a month ago. Guess that makes us "faggot ass dope boyz." This is #4 in a short series about listening to Odd Future.

Hodgy Beats + Left Brain = MellowHype. Their YelloWhite mixtape is on some smooth, smooth shit. Not really many tie-you-up and dump yer body inna river raps, more like mad hangouts in a cloud of weedsmoke and Chinese takeout.

First off I must mention, the more I listen to all these guys the more I love how hung up they are on 2dopeboyz. It's as if they hate them as much as Steve Harvey, but I couldn't find a post on 2dopeboyz about how Odd Future sucks so maybe it's a joke. Or maybe they just think they're fuckin lame. Either way, "Team" seems to be about standing behind your dudes especially when assholes hate on em.

"Two dope bitches wana dis onna blog when they can't see through this Odd Future smog. Odd Future Wolf you're a premature dog, I'll burn your whole website like it's a fuckin log"

This must have been what Earl was referring to when he suggested to "try talkin on a blog with your fuckin arms cut off."

"Team" is from MellowHype's YelloWhite mixtape, which gets better and better as the track numbers increase. "Polyurithane" is all cooled-out storytelling, "Thuggin" is about um, being thug. The flows remind me of something Kanye would want to pick up for G.O.O.D. music, like that only Big Sean song that matters but never boring.

It's not all about the flows, however. They got their big feet in productions as well, which I think are best on blazed-out tracks like "Premier," "Rasta," and "CocainKeys." Haven't dug into Hodgy Beats' The Dena Tape yet, but you should go for it.

I picked these cuts to highlight, but you should just grab the whole YelloWhite tape and a bag of kush.

MellowHype - Team

MellowHype - Polyurithane

MellowHype - Rasta (ft. Ace Creator)

MellowHype - CocainKeys

(top image via GOLF WANG)


A.M. Daly said...

Also I think YelloWhite is my favorite thing they've put out after EARl.

Anonymous said...

2db is hatin OFWGKTA

c4 yourself

bad move, OF is going to be big