Tuesday, September 14, 2010


"Flooded With Bitches, Weed, Females, Marijuana, Sluts, Green Shit And Grocery Stores."

"Roll A Joint, Grab A Bitch, Make A Toaster Strutal and Swag This Shit The Fuck Out."

It's safe to say that the Odd Future dudes have been 'killing them all' over the past year or so, even though we here at FBUS hadn't caught a whiff until about a month ago. Guess that makes us "faggot ass dope boyz." This is #2 in a short series about listening to Odd Future.

Second stink of Odd Future was Domo Genesis and his Rolling Papers mixtape. While Earl Sweatshirt is hopped on stuffing bodies in his trunk, Domo comes off less harsh, seemingly due to an undying fascination with weed. At times shit gets slowed to a crawl, vocals pitched down superhuman deep in a dense plume of jointsmoke, though I think I'm diggin verses more that sound like throats and mouths than drank-screwed drowning victims. Thinkin this is evidenced best by the slow-as-fuck "Up" from Radical, which sure is slow but the vocals remain untouched.

Domo sounds classic, all nimble and paced out, less erratic than Earl. Somehow it's easier to relate to wanting to get high with some girls than choking them til they're blue and stashing em in your window-tinted backseat. I believe the finest moment on Rolling Papers is "Supermarket", a dueling faux dis-track between Domo and the gruffer Ace Creator (a.k.a. Tyler, the Creator). Domo wants some chips, cuts the line or something and Tyler gets pissed off. After a lengthy exchange, I think he kills Domo ("I'm high as fuck and I didn't call for all this I'ma get on my zombie shit wait here's my carcass" ...and then it sounds like a body hits the floor). The production's all huge horns and comic-book-like sound effects (screams, sword slashes, taco shell crunches) while the two go back and forth insulting and planning on how to kill each other.

Fix yerself a plate of cheese + crackers, peep samples and wash it down with the while Rolling Papers mixtape.

Domo Genesis - Cap N Crunch

Domo Genesis - Super Market (ft. Ace Creator)

Domo Genesis - Basic Bitch (ft. Hodgy Beats)

Domo Genesis + Wolk Haley - Double Cheeseburger

(top image via GOLF WANG)

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