Sunday, September 26, 2010


Alright guys, ALRIGHT. I’m kinda going on a limb here but it’s like if you don’t like this limb, well, that’s your deal not mine cause Sinead O’Connor’s “The Lord Must Be In New York City” is about the only song that I could possibly listening to. Okay hear me out! Not only am I currently on a flight to New York but by the time you read this, I will be probably drunk in some borough! Not only that, but You’ve Got Mail is one of my secret but not so secret favorite movies of all time! This song is from the soundtrack (LOL @ me). Ugh, though seriously it’s like I just wish I had a blonde bob and a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils! Then I’d be set! I will settle on the glass of cabernet I ordered before the “FASTEN UR SEAT BELTS” sign was off though. I’m a fast actor, ya feel me? Another thing, I’m so blessed to be going to NYC right now. Like, luckiest girl in the world! NYC is my favoritest place in the world & I can’t wait to eventually let go of my sunshine security blanket & move out there already. This is already in the running for best NYC trip ever and it hasn’t even begun yet! The best trip five years running was back when I was acting and I got flown out for a short film. Got to stay in an upper west side apartment for a couple weeks. Woof! So good! I just have never had to live with snow so I’m like IDK. Kinda hard when you’re used to chillin’ in a bikini 75% of the time. Oh well, the point is, NEW YORK CITY HERE I COME!!!

BTW, I’m throwing a show at Bruar Falls in Brooklyn tomorrow (9/28) with Underwater Peoples so come out if you’re in the hood. Alex Bleeker & The Freaks + La Big Vic + Sweet Bulbs. Yeah, I pull that shit.

I know, I'd be surprised if I were you too.

Sinead O'Connor - I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City

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(stupid Tom Hanks image via Google Search)


Marissa A. Ross said...

YOU USED A PICTURE OF TURNER & HOOCH FOR MY YOU'VE GOT MAIL POST?! omggg ian. i am gonna punch you in the arm when i see you.

georgia k said...

this song is so freaking ross. and i haven't even met you yet! can't wait!

also, turner and hooch is soooooo sad.

sarahspy said...


Chaakles said...

um, Turner & Hooch is AMAZING. don't be offended.