Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Another case of a rad album available to stream from the internet into your ear via headphones, this time digging the fried psychedelics of Tjutjuna's self-titled debut for Fire Talk. Again, I'd love to buy a copy on beautiful "High Quality 180 gram vinyl," but I cannot.


You should. Cos these streams rip as hard as any rumored hominid cryptid could hope for, which is to say the actual wax rotating on your turntable must rip EVEN HARDER. I'm calling it right now that there's gona be scores of kids running around in Tjutjuna costumes this year begging for candy (complete with those groovy shades, obviously).

Check the new video for "Mosquito Hawk" by Woodsman's Mark Demolar below. Then check out non-album jam "Collider" from the Tjutjuna/Fissure Mystic 7". Then grab b-side jam "Bottle Kids" (both those downloads from Fader). Then stream the whole thing from Fire Talk's Bandcamp cos Soundcloud seems to rarely work.


"Mosquito Hawk" - Tjutjuna from Mark Demolar on Vimeo.

<a href="http://firetalk.bandcamp.com/track/the-swish">The Swish by Fire Talk</a>



If you were not aware, the Fire Talk label is run by Woodsman. They are also sick and will be performing this Saturday evening at Glasslands with Celebration, Andrew Cedermark and Up Died Sound.

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