Friday, October 1, 2010


I guess I don't know much about Droop-E aside from the reason they call him Droop-E -- his "eyelids droopy." Fader said he's capitalizing on "the current trend of chilled-the-fuck-out-sitting-in-a-hammock-on-a-cruise-ship stoned raps" and since I'm neither stoned nor on a cruise ship nor in a hammock, this'll have to do. Must say, I really dig the cooled-out beats/instrumentals. Not sold on his flow, but I can deal cos the hooks are fly. Check these couple samples (only one of which really features Droop-E), then grab the eight-track mixtape.

Droop-E - BLVCK Diamond (Intro) ft. Matt Blaque and Laroo

Droop-E - I'm Loaded ft. E-40

Droop-E - Dreams

Droop-E - Blvck Diamond Life

(via Fader via Tumblin Erb)

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