Monday, October 18, 2010


Branches hit me with the tip on his buddy Carlos Nascimento, who makes music under the name Robert Foster. Dude describes his music as "childhood new age dreamscapes," a completely apt sketch of the humming synthesizers emanating from his Soundcloud. There, he follows Christelle "Ocean Woman" Gualdi a.k.a. Stellar Om Source. He also reps Christelle as a top friend on Myspace, so I'll venture to say he would cite her as an influence given the cosmic nature of his drones.

Robert Foster's digital EP Blackmass is available for free download via Soundcloud. Zone out to a few samples then grab all five tracks.

Robert Foster - Blackmass I by robertfoster

Robert Foster - Blackmass III by robertfoster

(image via FAT DUDES/Slime City)

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Anonymous said...

actually that photo is originally from bro's, i was excited to see my pic here but not credited to me :/ i am disappoint