Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I first heard San Diego dudes Heavy Hawaii when Keyboards Is Drunk posted various demos of theirs back in March. It's been quiet on the new-tunes-of-theirs front, but turns out that's because they've been working on those charming demos, filling them out into the perfect pop tunes they were meant to be. Art Fag and Altered Zones have let me co-premiere "Sleeping Bag" in MP3 form, as well as a stream of their whole self-titled EP. The six songs work beautifully with one another, sugary morsels without time or place or much other context. Sometimes that's really not important at all, and in this case I'd say it's even constructive - the perfect soundtrack to the moment your head hits the pillow slowed down into a 15-minute event.

Heavy Hawaii - Sleeping Bag

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