Monday, October 11, 2010


Food Pyramid deliver MN-local "krautrock" to the world via Minneapolis label Moon Glyph. The project delves into an electronic experimentation in repetition, gazing back in time to their German forefathers with saxophone in hand. Their debut cassette I makes for an appropriately cosmic introduction, melding the blips and squelches of outer space with terrestrial rhythms found right on your doorstep or, perhaps more appropriately, slightly past the stoop and into the street below.

In "Southside Blacktop Beat" these rhythms immediately come off Latin, much like the sweltering dance music blaring out the open car windows of my Spanish neighborhood. Album closer "Speedboat Exit Miami Sunset" is more intent on taking its time, hip-shaking grooves creeping in and out of synthesizer mist and, yes, more saxophone. Someone please hook us up with a Food Pyramid moombahton edit.

Food Pyramid - Southside Blacktop Beat

Food Pyramid - Speedboat Exit Miami Sunset

I is available now from Moon Glyph.

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