Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Italian Beach Babes sent over a couple tracks from Hounds of Hate's new three-song 12" Head Anthem. These songs have been kicking around, but these are the cleanest/clearest versions I've heard so discard your old demo versions and re-up with these guys.

The label speaks of the trio's "heavy, low-tech sound," which I honestly can't get enough of. The label also offers some insight from the HoH members themselves, likening their music to "a synthetic weave stuffed in a floppy drive" or "vaseline smeared on a Trax record." Sounds about right.

The record is available for pre-order from IBB and will see an official release November 8.

Hounds of Hate - Head Anthem

Hounds of Hate - Purple Stuff

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Sean Orr said...

I never did like grape soda.