Wednesday, October 6, 2010


If you peruse these pages, chances are you've been exposed to the gel-suspended bliss of Ryan Daniels a.k.a. Double Entendre (here, here, here). Dude told me he was playing a set with some friends Andy & Zeus tonite at K&M Bar (225 N 8th Street in Brooklyn), though I guess he might not actually be joining them now, but whatever, Andy & Zeus themselves are rad.

The duo has a whole bunch of stuff for pay-what-you-want (or free) on their Bandcamp, sort of split into two styles - a bunch of cosmic sci-fi drones sprinkled with some more organic, Earth-bound jams. I'm partial to the spacier stuff, but it's all nice. Check some of my favorites below, including their most recent piece, the 15-minute drifter "Mystery Cells," then check em out tonite at K&M with Millions and Hag Syndrome.

<a href="">basement wizard by Andy &amp; Zeus</a>

<a href="">Humid Hang by Andy &amp; Zeus</a>

<a href="">Mystery Cells by Andy &amp; Zeus</a>


Now that I've taken a few minutes to check Millions' Myspace page and Hag Syndrome's Myspace page, I'm even more into telling you to go to this show. Come drown your ears.

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