Tuesday, October 5, 2010


More stupid-rad bits of space-funk from Raw Thrills a.k.a. Zak Mering a.k.a. member of FBUS X ROSE QUARTZ PRE-CMJ BASH dudes Greatest Hits. Oh, and I also just learned that he is 1/2 of The Sweethearts, other half being Sam from Outer Limits Recordings, which I mentioned last week.

Speaking of which, my boys ROSE QUARTZ posted Greatest Hits jam "I'm An Alien" for download and earlier today they posted Zak's Look Out Look Out Mix, which Zak calls "a list of music that compels me to create music that helps me catch a glimpse of pop sensationalism that illuminates all the dark corners of my mind." Rad. Dudes are on some serious pop-takeover shit.

Raw Thrills - Watch Your Back

Raw Thrills - Skylines Lookin Fine


Raw Thrills - Why Can't I Say Let Go

Raw Thrills - You Should of Known Me

(image via FAT DUDES)

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