Monday, February 21, 2011


San Francisco's Melted Toys made the trek from the west coast with Los Angeles dude Speculator for some shows in Brooklyn a couple weeks ago, including shows at Glasslands and Silent Barn. Speculator I had seen a couple times last year and while his set was sick, Melted Toys were great guys (the two i met, at least) and really had their dark three-piece pop jams down. I'm talking sunny and savory, yet bleak and echoing post-punk tunes, composed of two guitars, bass, vocals, drum machines and just enough Little Caesar's to really kick it.

The trio's first vinyl record, the Washed & Dried EP, is out today on Underwater Peoples, and UP has let us post the title track for all to enjoy. This plus the other three Melted Toys downloads you've had the opportunity to rock over the past couple months should be reason enough to pick up a record. Also, for all you wax lusters out there, the vinyl's got a nice black marble swirl. Download all these samples, check the Silent Barn "Come On" video from the lovely Pixelhorse (featuring a couple hooligans) and 'grip' a record before they're all gone.

Melted Toys - Washed & Dried

Melted Toys - Portals (via Fader)

Melted Toys - Come On (via Altered Zones)

Melted Toys - Lost Connection (via Transparent)

Melted Toys - "Come On" from Elise Oh on Vimeo.

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