Monday, February 21, 2011


Ssaliva (Pause.) is the same Belgian dude who did/does Kingfisherg (appeared on Wigflip End of Summer 2010 comp) and Cupp Cave (recently did a split 7" with Dem Hunger on Vlek Records). I'm also lead to believe he is connected to Munch Room. There are a couple Ssaliva albums: Mercury Coast, available on bandcamp, and Thought Has Wings, which might be released February 28 on Leaving Records. The tunes on the older album are mighty pleasant, like dark and slow Rangers instrumentals, which is very much unlike some of his other more beat-driven projects. However, there are moments where his beat mastery shines through, almost makes me wish there were some huge drum kicks in there somewhere.

The new one has more of this disintegrating cassette tape/VHS tape quality to it, again sort of like a jazzier Rangers ("Best Lose The Dream") or word-free Melted Toys ("Teenage Brain"), sometimes even more immediately groovy, like lower-fi Nite Jewel beats ("Crayola"). The best moments might be when he gets into some totally thrown back pop loops, seriously warped mixtures of his two styles - kaleidoscopic tape pop with outer space hip hop tendencies. For this, check "West End," "Moth to the Flame" and "Moonblood."

Check out a couple downloads from the new album (plus video), stream samples from the first album and hey look, there's some Munch Room thrown in for good measure.

Ssaliva - Best Lose the Dream (via Rose Quartz)

Ssaliva - Crayola



Kingfisherg - Patch Face

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