Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Today I am requesting Gang Of Four's "Damaged Goods". This song is so awesome! There is no way you can not throw back a couple hard cocktails & throw your hips around to this shit, maybe even get in a really sloppy makeout sesh with some rando you met outside the bathroom. This was actually Gang of Four's first single, which I think is pretty dope. On Wiki it says it needs citation, but I believe it was an "indie #1 hit" 4 SURE. No citation needed, I'm working off blind faith, people. Blind faith and unbridled enthusiasm! If Times New Viking or some other fuzz-power band covered this & released it next week, I am willing to bet that at least eight people who didn't know it was a cover, would shit their pants thinking it was the best song of 2011.

That's what my GChat status would say.

In fact, that's what my GChat status is going to say anyway.

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Chris said...

Fuck yeah. CLASSIC