Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Last time I mentioned Squadda B was the first time I had heard of Oakland's Main Attrakionz, got caught up in all them Mondre joints on that mixtape 808s & Dark Grapes. I must say, I was immediately taken by the name of Squadda B's new mixtape I Smoke Because I Don't Care About Death - felt a weird mix of harsh truth, hesitant pride and slight humor.

Within we find a heap of mostly monotone verses, rapping in a mostly inspirational manner mostly about living life and rapping with some struggle and swag and partying thrown in at leisure. But throughout the whole thing there exists this darkness hovering overhead, this attitude where you might as well go big and try to make a name for yourself cos otherwise you're just going to live in mediocre fashion until you die lonely and broke and a no one. So why not smoke weed and sip codeine and write rhymes about how fucked up life is and beef it up with huge Hot Boys sounding beats and chopped wisps of female vocals?

My favorite couple tracks on the mixtape happen to contain a couple different parts, entirely different but squeezed together into one song, like "2012." This one starts off cold and metallic like the Main Attrakionz song "Legion of Doom" that Delorean posted in their Altered Zones guest post last August, then all of a sudden wipes into part two, some cooled-out Summertime anthem material. Check "2012" and a couple more, then download I Smoke Because I Don't Care About Death for free.

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