Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Couple weeks ago I posted an update on Squadda B and his mixtape I Smoke Because I Don't Care About Death. For the past week or so I've been digging into The Shady Bambino Project, Squadda's new ten-track mixtape with rapidfire MC Shady Blaze under the Green Ova DJ family/label.

Let me start by saying yes, these dudes are still way weeded out - the atmosphere is thick and syrupy with chopped vocal angellics and ominous keys, lashed together by stuttering drum rumbles, claps and snaps. Squadda's spacious production makes room for Shady's fast-paced spitting, huge chunks of syllables pumped out for unreal lengths of time considering how much purp these dudes allegedly blow. This might be my favorite overall collection of songs I've heard from this camp, certainly the most cohesive, getting better and better over time.

My favorite tracks are the most urgent-sounding, namely "Green Ova Takin Ova" and "The Beginning." The former is a warning, making sure you know that Green Ova is the shit, making sure that in the future when Green Ova has actually taken over, you don't blame them for not telling you how ill they were way back when. They've got a point, and now you can't say I ain't told you neither. The second of the two is the most crisp track on the mixtape production-wise, coming off inspiring and hopeful, the sentiment that as long as you stand by your friends and family everything will be okay until the day you die.

Stream those two, then download the whole Shady Bambino Project mixtape for free.

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