Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Keith Rankin a.k.a. Giant Claw sent over his new album Midnight Murder, available for free download on bandcamp and physically in March on new-ish label Orange Milk Recordings.

He hooked me into reading the email by saying his music sounded like Cluster, Neu! and Emeralds. I wasn't necessarily expecting the music to sound like either of those three bands, but in ways it does: there's some weird skittering drum machine/synthesizer parts (Cluster), relentless, slow-morphing repetitions (Neu!) and arpeggiated synthesizer landscapes (Emeralds). This trifection doesn't always hit on all cylinders, but when it does the result is a dramatic geometrical guide through ordered sound layers, usually uneasy, sometimes spooky. Also of note - the album was mastered by Robert Beatty (of Hair Police, Burning Star Core, Three Legged Race).

Check out my favorite couple tracks then download the whole thing.

Also, Keith did the art. Click here for Keith's art. Also, there's a bunch more Giant Claw on bandcamp I haven't checked out yet. You should.