Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My parents listened to a lot of horrible shit while I was growing up. I mean, I appreciate it all, don't get me wrong. But our six disc player was usually filled with Yanni, Eric Clapton Unplugged, Alan Jackson and like, Whitney Houston. It was desolate, aside from each having their one silver lining. My father was really into the Beatles and Floyd, and my mother was suuuppperrr into the B-52's. Most of my early childhood memories are soundtracked by the early B-52's. My mom would blast them from the surround-sound on our patio while watering, my sister and myself choreographing dance moves on the deck. She'd come home from their concerts with big pins and earrings of their logos, which I am now cursing myself for losing amidst the moves and transitions that have led me into adulthood.

Saturday night, Nick Ray [Speculator] was over with whoever he performed with that night -- Ryan something or other, such a super nice and talented dude. Anyway, he was fiddling around on my iTunes and he put on the B-52's. This was the first time anyone besides my sister had put on the B-52's. It made me so fucking happy. Usually, I reserve my B-52 parties for myself, while I'm getting pumped up for the evening, doing my makeup in the bathroom before hitting the town, but today, today I share my love with the blogosphere.

The B-52's - Dance This Mess Around

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