Sunday, February 20, 2011


Before the CH-Rom/Twins collaborative tape I mentioned in that massive Twins post earlier this month, CH-Rom released a new tape into the world in January called Rider's Choice. The tape still hasn't seen a proper Paypal button for purchasing (uhhh so you email him teenagecop at gmail dot com), but I've been tweaking out to the sides that CH sent over and I suggest you keep an eye on the SKY MALL for details on gripping one.

I'd like to point you in the direction of the first two tracks on Side W (the first side), showing off CH-Rom's range from crystal-clean drum machine/synthesizer workout to shout-along chorus to whacked-out groove from the Funk Orient. Much of the tape brings to mind the jerky mechanisms of no-guitars Kraut, a more patient and calculated form of CH than I first posted about back at the end of 2009, but this nine-plus minute ordeal reminds me of his live show's bread and butter - the ability to switch it up, never challenging your attention span, never losing you over the entire set all due to excellent pacing.

Check the Riders Choice opening (broken into two distinct parts), then the opening for Side X (second side) via CH himself, then help yourself to previously posted samples from Call Me Rom, then take a moment to recall that CH-Rom is one third of Shrur and you should check them out too.

CH-Rom - Rider's Choice Side W Excerpt 1

CH-Rom - Rider's Choice Side W Excerpt 2

CH-Rom: "Rider's Choice"[xcerpt] by CH-Rom



CH-Rom - Deep Dimension Video 2

CH-Rom - Teenage Cop

CH-Rom - Mutant Fever

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