Friday, February 11, 2011


So this post is gonna blurt out a whole bunch of bottled up posts revolving around one guy, Matt Weiner, a.k.a. Twins. If you haven't noticed me raging about him before, he treads on a darker side of synthesizer-based pop music (at times leading me to believe something like 'industrial funk' might work as a description. See "About Us"). He's from Atlanta, found out about him though the Peace Age crew and various permutations of him and CH-Rom and Luke Perry and C Powers. That's what this post is about. He remixed How To Dress Well and Pink Priest and released a couple albums, Doubles and The Other Side Of..., the second of which is available on vinyl from Ruralfaune's Synth Series.

Twins - Waiting

Twins - He's Back Around

Shrur, Twins' project with CH-Rom and C Powers, recently saw their 4Shrur cassette released by Triple You Tapes. I hear there's some more Shrur-like material on the way lineup-wise, but I haven't heard much so I can't say where they're going. Download a couple bugged-out bangjobs from the tape and then STREAM THE WHOLE THING ON BANDCAMP and then BUY A TAPE.

Shrur - Mike Zone

Shrur - The Bisness

One of the other first projects of Twins that I caught wind of was the now defunct duo Best Hits. While Matt and fellow Best Hit Elise Tippins don't do that name anymore (they were great - check "Skinny Cloud" and "Born Sloppy"), they're back with a new project called Featureless Ghost. So far they've just released a two-song single, available for download from bandcamp for a price of your choosing, and promise "Lots More Coming Soon." Both songs feature both members taking turns on supreme vocal performances, both bathed in mad paranoid robotic-future vibes ("You Never Know Who Wants Your Mind" , "I Lie Awake Delirious, Afraid To Close My Eyes"). Both are very, very well put together pop songs, seriously stream those, download em and stay tuned.

Last, but not least, is Twins' project with CH-Rom, wo. Posted their track "Toning the Sun" almost a year ago, so I'm glad to see their self-released R U Dreamy tape finally available for purchase. Stream the whole album on bandcamp and/or watch the R U Dreamy preview video below. THEN BUY A TAPE.

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