Monday, August 16, 2010


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I just want to start by saying if I could have really picked any song this week, I would have picked "Colt 45" by Afroman. It’s the only Afroman song I own and it is down right offensive but like the chorus? Oh damn, like who can’t relate to that shit? That’s what makes true art, you know, relatable-ness… Dude, I’m listening to AFROMAN. Don’t expect me not to be making up words… Anyway, there would have to be way too many bleeps for the radio. Wouldn’t be fair to the song’s artistic integrity.

So, this week I’m going to come at you with CRUMBS’ "Altered States Of Beast." Not that CRUMBS is like second to Afroman or anything cause that’d be straight foolish.

CRUMBS is from Melbourne. Am I the only one like on a crazy Australian kick lately? Like, A LOT of what I’m jamming hard lately is coming out of Australia! I’ve been listening to CRUMBS a lot lately while working cause it’s just like chill but hard head boppin’ jams. I need that while I’m writing for middle-aged moms on Yahoo! syndicate channels: sweet steady up-beats that keep me motivated yet don’t distract me with lyrics reminding me I could be a bajillionaire with gold bikini clad bitches if I just keep “doin’ me,” getting my panties in a twist over my own ego when I’m trying to use fifth grade syntax to explain that caffeine makes your face oily. Because moms give a shit about that shit.

<a href="">altered states of beast by CRUMBS</a>

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