Monday, August 9, 2010


After a week off, Sesame Street Bandaids returns this week on WMUA to pump a coool jam injection into your hot hot August evening. DJ Darmok will be performing in the Berkshire County Softball Complex's D-League playoffs so he will not be around -- that means 100% Beer With Dinner vibes from 530-8PM EST.

Included in this week's program are requests from Marissa from last week AND this week, so peep her pick below and listen in hard for your chance to WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS to see Deerhunter and Kurt Vile Saturday Aug 14 at Pearl Street Nightclub in Northampton, MA.

Today's request is Yannis Markopoulos' "Ekdromi," from the official soundtrack of Apollo Goes On Holiday, or Epiheirisis Apollon as it is known in its native tongue. Yannis was a bomb composer and was a respectable artist. Dude, check his Wiki! Anyway, this song features Elena Nathanail, this old school Greek "it" girl, who also stars in the movie. Haven't seen it, although it's from '68 and it has bitches on the beach so I bet if it's on Netflix, ima be adding that shit to my Facebook within the week!

It doesn't really matter.
What matters is that Yannis and I have the same birthday!
Pisces on the Aries cusp cusp!
He was born in Crete, I was born in California!

Damn it's like I KNOW HIM.
And I'm willing to bet, like, five bucks via PayPal,
that he was a mad dynamic fool.

Okay for reals now, I chose this song because of the absurd amount of optimism it sends rushing through my body, which is sometimes, I'm pretty sure, all I have these days. Cheap wine and unadulterated optimism pumping through my veins! Make the best of today & think the highest of tomorrow! I might be crazy but that's really all we have, you know? The beauty of the present and the possibilities of the future! Crazy cause they eventually become the same thing and then it's like math cause you like, add 'em up and then you get the past! And we all know nostalgia is cool!

For everyone who is lost,
I just moved in with my dudefriend, it's summer and I love Walt Disney World.
The End.

P.S. Big ups 2 DJ Fanis of Hippy-DjKit, who is like one of the five Google searches for this bro Yannis and made it possible for me, & subsequently us all, to listen to this quintessential world summer jam.

Yannis Markopoulos - Ekdromi

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