Tuesday, August 24, 2010


C Powers recently sent over a lil bundle of new music he's been working on over the past month (still awaiting news on his split with Yaaard), including his remix of How To Dress Well's "Take It On."

The remix flips the original's tense atmospheric gloom on its head, snaps off a piece of HTDW's falsetto and re-pots it on the other side of the house in a separate, sunnier bed. The new mix is 100% indebted to C Powers' sound, not unlike the Holy Other remix, which similarly casts aside most of the original in favor for a few well-placed vocal samples buried beneath the remixer's new groundwork. C Powers takes a lighter approach, opting to pair the sample with a slowly evolving club thump, whereas Holy Other chars the dark tune to black with a slow-paced buzz, thick and ominous, bass heavy enough to crush bone.

How To Dress Well - Take It (C Powers Remix)

How To Dress Well - Take It On (Holy Other Remix)

HTDW's original appears on Transparent's "Ecstasy With Jojo" / "Take It On" 7" record, available for preorder NOW, shipping August 30.

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