Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This guy fell into my inbox today. Rare that happens, finding something nice in the inbox n all. Hotel Mexico is from Mexico, Japan, one of the country's 6,852 islands. Not sure how much there is to find out about them unless you can read Japanese, but their album His Jewelled Letter Box drops August 16 on Second Royal Records.

"Hotel Mexico rule"
- Pinglewood

First single "It's Twinkle" has been on repeat all day and is available for free download. The only other sounds I can scrounge up at this time are a medley sort of album preview Youtube clip and what I think is a super washed out live video of "It's Twinkle."

Hotel Mexico - Its Twinkle by Second Royal Records

(top image via MANE MAN)

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imaginal FREQs said...

this is FIRE, thanks for sharng!