Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Trevor from Woodsman sent over "Old Kid," a jam from his Gem Trails solo thang. Had the pleasure of hosting Woodsman in Pittsfield at the now defunct Copperworks and it's not that Gem Trails is the same thing as Woodsman or necessarily sounds the same, but I'm certainly thrown into the same sort of psychedelic drift.

"Old Kid" is all wordless (or unintelligible) vocals, soaring up over sparkly ambient pulses. Sounds like a windchime-clad porch flying through the atmosphere via tornado, Wizard of Oz stylee. Actually the tornado brought the whole house + yard along for the ride, complete with children playing games in the garden. Someone should make a video for this song along those lines. Mad windy.

<a href="http://gemtrails.bandcamp.com/track/old-kid">Old Kid by gem trails</a>

"Old Kid" will appear on Gem Trails' debut 7" record on Fire Talk


Anonymous said...

hi, i tried to get one of your tracks from box.net except that you have run out of bandwidth. just to let you know!

JeffGoldblumLife said...

aint it a bummer? email me and i can send you the track