Sunday, August 8, 2010


Twins' The Other Side Of LP should be dropping soon on Ruralfaune.

Twins - Waiting

Twins - He's Back Around

Twins recently dropped a split/face-off tape with Luke Perry on Peace Age called GUTS ("listeners will totally fiend to spoil their dinners with a 12 gauge bucket of chicken nugget right to their brains").

Twins & Luke Perry - Malibu Body Crew

Twins is also a member of Shrur, whose 4 Shrur tape drops this summer on Triple You Tapes.

Shrur - Mike Zone (from Triple You Tapes' SUUUMMUUUR SAMPLUUUR)

Twins also remixed a couple rad dudes recently, Pink Priest and How To Dress Well.

Pink Priest - Field of Orgasms (Twins Mix)

How To Dress Well - Ready for the World (Twins Remix)

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