Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Oscar McClure's Compost tape has been out for a bit on Leaving Records, the album on one side along with a companion set of remixes on the flip side. "Leaves" is one of the most consistently rhythmic tracks from Compost's A-side, possibly why it got remixed not once but twice on the remix side.

McClure's sound is described by the label as "organic experimental hip hop," meaning all the sounds that make up the compositions come from the body or are field recordings. This doesn't come as a surprise after observing the earthy sounds. Organs gurgle, material decomposes, then seeps back into the Earth and is reborn as remixes. Sumsun's remix of "Leaves" brings plant matter brittle and browned back to life, replacing death's crunch with green vibrancy.


Oscar McClure - Leaves

Oscar McClure - Leaves (Sumsun Remix)

Oscar McClure - Leaves (0. Remix)


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