Wednesday, August 18, 2010


AGT has been flexing some spacey "Disco Ambience" for a bit now, completely taking his time to flesh out and break down each piece. Six minutes, ten minutes, twelve minutes. These jams just keep going, trance-like states induced multiple times per track (and apparently his live stuff is even "MORE spaced out"). The length of AGT's songs reminds me of something like Lindstrom & Prins Thomas, though their sound is a built more on dramatic tension. On the other hand, AGT fills any lingering space with more and more drum tracks and synthesizer stutters, becoming disorienting and claustrophobic the longer a song goes. If these couple samples aren't proof enough, take a dip in his deep, deep Soundcloud page, which also includes some live takes worth checking out.

SOul Scanner (Nostalgia) by AGT

Late Mahalo Moon by AGT

Psychic Sidekick's Old School II by AGT

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