Thursday, July 29, 2010


I know everyone's all up on the SLEEP ∞ OVER and everything, but I thought it necessary to reiterate how much I like the two songs that grace their 7" on Forest Family, currently up for preorder.

Both songs, "Outer Limits" and "La Rose," are late-nite drifters, drowsily revealing themselves through fog machine mist. The former takes on more of a sleepy disco nod, while the latter crosses over into some swirling slow-dance territory. What I'm trying to say is neither of these songs would be out of place blaring over the PA of your dreamscape flashback to high school promenade, makeshift luxuries that warm like liquor.

Check out their Tumblr for visual accompaniment and if you're in southern California this weekend, see them play with Pure Ecstasy among others.

SLEEP ∞ OVER - Outer Limits

SLEEP ∞ OVER - La Rose

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Evan said...

rad blog dude! big ups!