Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Shone sum lite on Ben Butler & Mousepad last week cos my boy Tangles remixed one of his joints. Digging deeper we find BB&MP's Soundcloud page, ripe with remixes and originals to download and stream. Couple of my favorites are the downloadable ones, his remix of Kavinsky's "Nightcall" and "Hum Ghar Sahan," which I assume is an original production.

Dude turns Kavinsky's original from a slow-driving roll thru high-beamed backroads into a banging strobe of flicked lighters and flashing bulbs. He focuses on cutting up the chorus, forgoes dealing much with the vocoder verses and out pops a sultry groove with all the right snaps.

"Hum Ghar Sahan" is what the Soundcloud calls a 'Bollywood Synth' track. Shit bounces all spongey, real uplifting and addictive.

SIDENOTE: Ended up lookin to see what else I could find under the tag 'Bollywood Synth' and found some nice lil record dug up from 1982 called Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat by Charanjit Singh. Stream sounds from that HERE then BUY IT.

Oh, and I can't forget his "Love Lockdown" remix, which I really dig.

Peep all these samples, then grab more at SOUNDCLOUD and BANDCAMP.

Kavinsky - Nightcall (Sun Butler Mix) by ben butler & mousepad

Hum Ghar Sajan by ben butler & mousepad

Kanye West - love lockdown (bean butler rubdown) by ben butler & mousepad

Future Tent from joe howe on Vimeo.

(image via Google Search)


Ben Butler & Mousepad - Future Tent

Ben Butler and Mousepad - Future Tent (Cables Tangled remix)


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Joseph J Howe said...

hum ghar sajan is a cover of a track by haruomi hosono, from yellow magic orchestra.