Monday, July 26, 2010


Trust me, I'm not up on my underground dance genres.

Fast forward to when I first heard DJ Nate's "Make Em Run." I flipped on how frenetic it is. Turns out it's with good reason - shit's meant to get yer feet moving faster than the speed of light, hence the name Footwork. It's dark, drugged and hard, beating your body into nodding submission.

Not exactly sure what sets DJ Nate apart from other Footwork DJs, but he's got an EP out soon on Planet Mu, Hatas Our Motivation, which you can stream HERE. Seems like he's also got a compilation of Footwork Tracks out soon on the same label, which assuredly features a ton of the songs you can find on Youtube.

DJ Nate - Make Em Run (via NPIP)

DJ Nate - We Can Work This Out (Footwurk) from DC vampira on Vimeo.

DJ Nate - Ghost (Footwurk Trax) from DC vampira on Vimeo.

DJ Nate - YB "08"(MIX) (Footwurk) from DC vampira on Vimeo.

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