Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Up until recently, I had no idea. That's right - I hadn't figured it out on my own. Glaswegian artist Tangles' music project is "pretty much dedicated to" Jean Claude Van Damme, through and through.

Take note: A song called "Round House." A video comprised of JCVD clips. Myspace about me section?

"in rememberance of roundhouse kick's past"

I can't imagine Tangles soundtracking a martial arts showdown flick. Or Time Cop. I can, however, imagine JCVD alone in the lockerroom in 1979 before his fight with Rolf Risberg, headphones on, tuning out to Tangles on one of the first ever Walkman Personal Stereos imported from Japan. He's in the zone. He's relaxed. He wins in a single round knockout to improve to 10-0.

Tangles' Sweet Jams c30 on Leftist Nautical Antiques seems to still be available. His song "Cruisin" appeared on Friendship Bracelet Club Volume 4 and he will drop another tape on Triple You Tapes later this year. Check out a couple samples, plus his remix of Ben Butler and Mousepad's "Future Tent."

Tangles - Roundhouse

Tangles - Cruisin

Ben Butler and Mousepad - Future Tent (Cables Tangled remix)

Ben Butler & Mousepad - Future Tent

(image via Google Search)

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