Saturday, July 10, 2010


Blondes' Touched EP finally dropped on Merok, finally cos it's been nearly a year since I first heard "Spanish Fly." Touched is nearly an LP's length of sensual space music, sounds to fill the gap between close-quartered bodies. From the first minute your shirt is soaked through.

The label sums it up concisely:

'Melding assorted influences ranging from acid techno to new age to Top 40 into a personal dance vision, its 40 minutes offer an exploration of euphoria, intuition, and emotion at their most purified. Equally at home in a sweaty basement party or a solo 6 AM drive thinking "where did it all go so right"'

Peep samples and BUY the record.

Blondes - Spanish Fly

Blondes - Paradise City

Comanechi - Close Enough to Kiss (Blondes Remix) (VIA FADER/PINGLEWOOD)

Sunshine (Blondes remix) by neumagazine

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