Tuesday, July 13, 2010


matthewdavid turned me on to Jon Wayne through his remix of "Feel It" (a party complete with Tiesto and Three Six Mafia and Sean Kingston and Flo Rida?). Interest officially crystallized after cruising through his Paranoia collage for Leaving and learning he's got a 7" out soon on Stones Throw.

The remix takes Tiesto's endless booze and booty anthem into a slightly different venue. There's still ladies, there's still dozens of Patron shots to go around, but this remix is made for the not-so-high profile. Sure, Three Six can get away with pulling on blunts in the club, but the rest of yall gotta retire to a houseparty or a dim living room or a back alley. This is where memories of the club go to die, bathed in plumes of smoke. Everything is chopped, everyone is screwed and minds are hypnotized. Neighbors roll over in bed, pressing pillows to ears.

Tiesto - Feel It ft. Three Six Mafia, Sean Kingston + Flo Rida (Jon Wayne Remix)

Jon Wayne - Paranoia

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u tha sweet spot.