Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Jesus Seashell makes pulsations to soundtrack the bleak.

I imagine "Homeless" following a down-trodden soul through rough life on the streets - paperbagged liquor, shopping cart rust, hooligan abuse. His suit is torn, he can't find work, his family is dead. Then, right as the darkest hour approaches, the pounding ceases (~2:20) and our hero finds salvation a wrongfully discarded scratch ticket and he's a bone-thin millionaire. He's rich, but has nothing to live for.

I imagine "Life" strobing across sound-surrounded eardrums as the camera pans slow motion over an olympic stadium track. Our hero runs like the wind for laps upon laps, black and white frames inching along as he approaches the finish line, dozens of meters ahead of the competition. The announcers cue his country's national anthem as he breaks the yellow tape and looks at the cheering crowd in approval. Suddenly (~4:20), in mid-celebratory stride, the distance runner crumples in front of thousands as he suffers a life-altering stroke. He's forever a champion, but his memory is destroyed.

Jesus Seashell - Homeless

Jesus Seashell - Life

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