Friday, July 2, 2010


Persona La Ave sent over a demo of new jam "Murtis Cayfield," originally built off of the sultry piano tone of "Wayne On Me" from Lil Wayne's 2009 No Ceilings mixtape, which uses the instrumental of Twista's slow jam "Wetter," which in turn cops elements from Janet's even sultrier "Any Time, Any Place."

PLA furthers the sexual idea of his slow-jam predecessors, this time upping the tempo before climax on some piston-pumped thrust shit.

This track will not appear on PLA's upcoming Brothers Was Taken cassette, out soon on UUU Tapes, but you can check out a free three-song sampler from the tape at Bandcamp and grab GOBBLE GOBBLE'S remix of "Beach 2" (a slowed down version of "Beach 1") below. Also peep Jared Beeler's disorienting video for "Dunes" while you're at it.

Persona La Ave - Murtis Cayfield

Persona La Ave - Beach 2 (GOBBLE GOBBLE'S R. Kelly Magic Carpet)

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