Monday, July 12, 2010


I've heard Laurel Halo whirring around in my head for a few weeks, just about as often as this image creeps to the front of my brain. She's recently remixed How To Dress Well, just released a video for "Embassy" and has made her King Felix EP available for free download.

Obscuring fog surrounds her music. Steam accumulates thick on backseat windows rich with oil-puddle coloration. Figures on the outside become more and more difficult to make out. Figures on the inside become easier and easier to lust over.

In other words, she touches on every sugary (no, not the "insubstantial
or passive" type of sugary) point across the spectrum of soft pop - something like Nite Jewel for when it's too late to dance, How To Dress Well atmospheres minus the Gorgoroth. One look at all her visuals and you already know what I mean.

Laurel Halo - Metal Confection

Laurel Halo - Coriolis

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