Tuesday, January 17, 2012


In addition to the Branches cassette featured in the previous post, Triple You Tapes also dropped Green Mansions' Vacation #2 today. Green Mansions is the transatlantic recording project of Michael Pigott (Pittsfield, Massachusetts) and Peter Bonneman (Denmark). This is their second release, following 2009's self-released four-track 12". A 7" single with new material is due in a couple weeks.

Green Mansions creates soothing, tropical music out of Suicide organ sounds and authentic Latin percussion filled out with minimal guitar and bass. The songs range from decaying ambient drones to light-hearted pop repetition, very easy to flip the tape over and over again. Grab a free download of "Vacation #7" while watching the Miko Revereza directed video for "Vacation #5" below, then click here to order your copy.

Green Mansions- Vacation #5 from miko revereza on Vimeo.

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