Friday, January 20, 2012


The two newest ASAP Mob tracks I've heard are nothing short of awesome. Rocky's "Celebration" is absolutely euphoric, interpolating the Kanye-perfected hook "You know what this is//it's a celebration bitches//grab a drink grab a glass// after that I grab your ass" in the opening seconds. Honestly, the beat sounds like something Soulja Boy should be auto-tuning over -- sky-limit glory spills out my speakers with enough slap and pitched-down vocals to hint at hardness.

ASAP Rocky - Celebration

Ferg gets his proper lean on with "Death B4 A Million," a rather syrupy affair showcasing his smooth, druggy exhalations. The track features very little in the way of loud/soft dynamics, though dude's flow is so nice it doesn't really matter. I think this is just the fourth Ferg track I've heard and while it can't compare to his verse on "Kissin' Pink" from ASAP Rocky's LiveLoveASAP tape, it's even more reason to follow this member of the ASAP crew. Psyched for the release of the first ASAP Mob album/mixtape which I believe drops later this winter.

ASAP Ferg - Death B4 A Million

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