Tuesday, January 3, 2012


(credit: iprnelson cellular telephone image)

C Powers just sent over a batch of new jams released under the name Cc. Included were some of the most crisp and ecstatic Powers-produced tracks to date. Check out one of my favorites below and urge Cc to keep his New Years resolution to "make as much music as possible this year."

Gryphon Perc by Cc_


C Powers also recently remixed Time Wharp's "Cuspcake" for his later. rmx collection. Speaking of Time Wharp, dude has a new EP out on Astro Nautico on January 23. Check out the first single here.

Time Wharp-Cuspcake (Cc's Game-Winning Plays Special Edition BluRay) by Cc_


lesley said...

"gryphon perc" feels extremely slow and monotonous for me. i feel like he's building to nothing. this is too linear a song for me. not impressed. "time wharp" feels much the same. a lot of experimentation going on, but nothing really appealing about this. just sounds like a bunch of sounds.

Anonymous said...

lesley says it just sounds like a bunch of sounds

Anonymous said...

get yer vibes right

Anonymous said...

Cc doesn't climax