Friday, January 6, 2012


On the first of the year, Twins (1/2 Featureless Ghost) released a split cassette with Joy and Revolution on Magic Rub Cassettes. The two Twins tracks are rad, very much unlike the ecstatic new Featureless Ghost track but still very psychedelic and futuristic. The entire tape is available to stream for free on bandcamp, which is also where you can buy it both physical and digital.


Twins also released a free digital EP on Double Phantom Digital last September that I never mentioned called The Insider Sings "Emotionals." This EP carries a slightly warmer tone than the split featured above, including the lonely hyper-ballad "Learning To Let Go" and galactic oasis jammer "Strange Things."


Note: Twins will be rumbling with Triple You Tapes later on this year...

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