Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Termeric was a project of Chris Powers, a.k.a. C Powers (currently going by Cc). Termeric is now defunct. Released nearly 1.5 years ago on Triple You Tapes, Natural Gel is the only official Termeric collection. Consisting of eight down-tempo psychedelic slappers, sounds range from vintage rasta riddims to modern day beat music, chopped and blended together to create fantastic five-to-six-minute excursions into smoldering weedhaze territories. The entire tape can now be streamed at bandcamp and a few copies are still left for purchase.

Triple You has finally revealed another outtake from Natural Gel, the first since "Get Come Down" from the label's inaugural sampler. “Air Clip (dub)” is a sure trance-inducer, a circular slice of bouncing juke-isms that learned to bang in a muffled and aquatic kind of way. Stream below, then grab the MP3 along with other download samples from the tape.

Air Clip (dub) by Triple You Tapes

Termeric - Air Clip (dub)

Termeric - Grass St. Star

Termeric - Search

Termeric - Get Come Down

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