Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Dear readers/listeners of Friendship Bracelet,

I have yet to post anything in these pages about how Emilie Friedlander and Ric Leichtung are trying their damnedest to raise enough money to launch their new independent publication, so today is the day. In case you didn't know, Emilie and Ric were the editors of the now-defunct Pitchfork Media project Altered Zones. They did a fantastic job managing all the contributors and getting shit done and it was a pleasure to work with them. I have been asked to contribute a column to the new venture and can't wait to flesh out the topic and start putting together some pieces for you all to enjoy.

Anyway, this is really just a last-ditch plea for you to dig deep in your pockets and pledge a few bucks to the creation of this independent outsider music publication. There's only five days to go, so get on it.

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Gossamer said...

what's the tune in the background of this?